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Coconut Products
Security Paper & Related Products
Rubber (SPR)
Metals & Minerals
Raco Trading Phils., Inc.
10th Floor, Rufino Building
6784 Ayala Avenue
Makati City 1221

P.O. Box 2992
Makati City Central Post Office
Makati City 1226

Tels: +63 2 810 0301
+63 2 810 0302
Fax: +63 2 810 3927
+63 2 810 3926
+63 2 817 6623

welcome to raco trading
Raco Trading Phils, Inc. is a Philippine based import/export commodities trading company representing a long list of distinguished foreign principals. Through our various agencies, the company is actively involved in the physical trade of the following commodity items: pulp, paper and packaging boards; security paper and security printing products; semi-processed rubber (SPR); metals and minerals; feed grains and milling wheat. In addition, as brokers, Raco trades coconut oil, copra expeller/extraction cake/meal/pellets and other coconut related products along with palm and palm kernel oil. Finally, the company also undertakes official countertrade obligations, specializing in counterpurchase or the export of Philippine products.
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